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        Company Profile

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        Company Profile


        Name EVERNEW INC.
        Head Office East-square Tokyo bld.6F
        6-35, 1-Chome, Shinsuna,Koto-Ku,Tokyo

        Access Map

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        Osaka Branch 3-5, 2-Chome, Andojimachi, Chuo-Ku, Osaka City

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        Establishment December, 1924
        Paid-in Capital Ninety million Yen (¥90,000,000)
        Major Stockholders Daisuke Iwai
        The Resona Bank, Ltd.
        Nisshin Fire & Marine Insurance Co., Ltd.
        Board of Directors President : Daisuke Iwai
        Managing Director : Koji Watanabe
        Director : Mitsuhiro Iwai
        Director : Yukiya Nawa
        General Manager : Kenji Watanabe
        General Manager : Masanori Minato
        Auditor : Yutaka Hori
        Main Correspondent Banks The Resona Bank, Ltd., Asakusa Branch, Tokyo
        The Tokyo-Mitsubishi Bank, Ltd.,
        Asakusabashi Branch, Tokyo
        Principal Business Manufacture and wholesale of sporting goods and related items
        including swimming, track and field, athletic, outdoor,
        fitness, mountaineering, camping, and winter sports equipment.
        Exclusive distribution
        in Japan
        “montane” Outdoor Wear&Gear of UK
        “treksta” Outdoor Shoes of Korea
        “Nikwax” Waterproof products of UK
        “Zardoz NOTwax”, etc. of U.S.A.


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